Love Dinosaurs? Then you’ll adore our dinosaur-themed quirky jewellery!

They may have been extinct for tens of millions of years, but the popularity of dinosaurs still continues to thunder its huge feet into our grounds of today’s popular culture! Constantly portrayed in fiction, displayed in museums and talked about by people of all ages, dinosaurs are a cool and quirky symbol of a time [...] Read more

Make the perfect gift with a name necklace

Here at Punky Pins, we are an independent retailer who has been constantly growing our presence on the online fashion scene for over a decade now. Very creative and very stylish, we are always extending and improving our range of items so we always have something new and trendy to offer to our customers. We’re [...] Read more

Some funky jewellery ideas for your summer holiday!

Summer is finally here and many of us will be going away on holiday, enjoying our well-earned break in the sun!  But whilst you’re out and about, maybe on a beach or taking a walk around town, why not compliment your look with these funky jewellery items? From the minds of our talented designers, each [...] Read more

Rock your acrylic jewellery this summer!

Summer is here, finally! Gone are the days when we’re constantly stuck inside the house, being all bored and looking at the rain-splattered windows with irritation, wishing that it would end, if only for an hour or so. We’ve been waiting for a long time – but the summer has finally appeared – and we [...] Read more

Some of our favourite pastel necklaces – acrylic jewellery

The possibilities of acrylic jewellery are endless; the evolution of laser cutting allows creative people to be able to design and create pieces that are either fit for the catwalk or for everyday use. Whether it’s some simple hanging earrings, or an intricate design of a necklace – the outcome can be beautiful. Thanks to [...] Read more

Why Simple Laser-Cut Jewellery Is The Perfect Finishing Touch

We all know the kind of people who rely on their jewellery too much. Even when they’re wearing an outfit which really looks good, they always overwhelm it with complex jewellery. If you really want to show off your unique and quirky style, then simple laser cut jewellery could be the perfect choice! Just because you [...] Read more

Punky Pins’ Funky Jewellery Summer Sale!

Summer’s finally here, and it’s about time! With the heat and the sun, you’ll no doubt be bringing out your very best outfits to make the most of the warm weather. With that in mind, we’re proud to kick off our 2016 Punky Pins Summer Sale across a wide range of funky jewellery! Whether you’re escaping from [...] Read more